General Physiotherapy

Helping you overcome joint and muscle pain

Getting you moving. Keeping you moving.

At Aquian, we take a whole-person approach to all joint and muscle pain across all areas from backs and necks; hip and knee joint pain to ligament and muscle strains. We recognise that the most basic level, ongoing daily life puts pressure and strain on muscles, puts us in positions that impact our soft tissues and bone structures, which when fatigued places pressure on our musculoskeletal structure. This results in what we all feel as aches and pains in number of musculoskeletal areas. Through COVID and home working alone, and society adopting a more sedentary lifestyle, there is now documented evidence of a significant increase in back related muscle and joint pain.


How Aquian will support you?

Our leading musculoskeletal and orthopaedic physios will start with a detailed assessment going beyond just joint range of movement and strength to a whole person and long term functionality goals

We’ll work with you to development a treatment plan unique to you to ensure your optimal recovery.

We will apply leading biomechanics, sports science and strength and conditioning practices uniquely tailored to meet your goals.

Aquian recognises that not everyone can have surgery and prehabilitation techniques can also help alleviate the need for ongoing painkillers and help patients increase and maintain movement to improve quality of life.

What you can expect

Rapid diagnosis and a treatment plan unique to your joint or soft tissue injury

Treatments that improve range of movement; muscle reactivation and skill specific rehab excercises

Guidance and practice in a range of strength and conditioning treatments to ensure long term prevention

Leverage leading muscle and soft tissue equipment - eg a Compex muscle stimulator

Excellent experience with Helen from Aquian. She assisted my teen daughter who was complaining of continuous backache. Helen visited us in our home, did a full assessment and provided an easy to follow plan of Pilates exercises to strength core, improve posture and ultimately remedy the lower back pain. It worked! Thank you Helen. Highly recommended.



Ready to book?

If you’re ready to book or have any questions then get in touch! We’re here to help. 

We cover: South West London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. Other areas can be visited upon request.


Rehabilitation doesn’t necessarily end once your short-term objectives have been met, such as improving range of movement or muscle activation.
To help you maintain maximum movement and deliver longer term benefits it’s important to continue rehabilitation such as taking regular exercise, stretching and strengthening activity.
Aquian offers a range of sevices to support you on this journey to help you feel better, for longer. We’ll always just be one phone call away.


During all of our visits, we’ll review your progress including pain & swelling management strategies, measure joint & muscle function, and observe gait and functional tasks.
We’ll support you to perform to the level of function that will ultimately give you the mobility needed for daily life.
Together, we’ll set achievable goals to progress your recovery at a pace that ensures you steadily improve.
Regardless of your condition, your safety and comfort are paramount, so you’ll have access to all the support we can offer.


On our first visit we’ll get an understanding of what you’ve been through, what you want to achieve and discuss what treatment might involve. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you have.
For those awaiting surgery, treatments will include any pre-operative sessions and most importantly a plan for the care you might need when you are discharged from hospital.