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rehab team

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Steve is a founding member of Aquian and has specialised in rehabilitation physiotherapy since 2006. He’s worked with leading UK surgeons to treat over 5000 post-operative patients at The Clavadel centre in Guildford.

Steve prides himself on being at the forefront of new techniques and is firmly data-led to help achieve maximum results.
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Helen is a founding member of Aquian and has spent over 20 years in the rehabilitation of post-operative patients. She has led teams of physios at premier UK facilities — most recently at The Clavadel centre in Guildford.

Helen has built a unique relationship with over 200 orthopaedic surgeons and understands what it means to work as a conduit with them and their patients to achieve the best post-operative results. She is also a qualified pilates instructor.
Chrissie joined the Aquian team after working with Helen and Steve for four years in rehabilitation at The Clavadel. For the past 14 years she has worked in multiple areas of physiotherapy with a special interest in rehabilitation and orthopaedics. She is a qualified pilates instructor and finds great benefit in using these principles as a part of any patient rehabilitation.

Her focus is on helping all people regain movement and function through rehabilitation.
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Emma has over 30 years of experience as a physiotherapist and is a clinical specialist in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic conditions and aquatic therapy. She trained at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and has worked at leading NHS hospitals in London, including The Royal Free Hospital, St George’s Hospital, and The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Furthermore she also practised in the private sector in Geneva and The New Victoria Hospital in Kingston-Upon Thames.  

Emma loves all things aquatic and has extensive and specialist skills in aquatic therapy. Through this passion, in 2013 she founded h2o physio, based in Teddington.

business team

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Joel founded and leads Aquian. An ex-partner at PwC, where he built large global practices and advised consumer-related businesses. He went on to become executive chair of The Geoghegan Group (which included the Clavadel, an  orthopaedic rehabilitation centre) whilst continuing to advise corporates as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses. He is also a non-executive at British Red Cross.

Joel has a passion to provide all patients with knowledge, co-ordinated care and access to the most advanced rehabilitation support.

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Mandy leads on all things finance, HR and back office for Team Aquian. She is a qualified chartered accountant and trained with PwC in London. As an auditor and tax advisor, her clients ranged from small local firms to multi national commercial banks. She is married to Aquian’s founder, Joel Segal and through their three children she has been treasurer for school parent bodies and an African charity.

Mandy ensures, alongside Tessa, that day to day, Aquian delivers excellent service to all its patients and business partners.

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Tessa has worked in healthcare for the past eight years. Specifically, managing customer services and admissions for an inpatient rehabilitation centre. Over that time she developed a keen understanding of what patients require for successful pre and post operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation. This ensures Tessa is the go-to person for all Aquian customers — able to reassure and answer all of their questions.

Tessa brings all her empathy to serve each patient as an individual; enabling her to help and support each patient through their unique Aquian journey.

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We cover: South West London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. Other areas can be visited upon request.


Rehabilitation doesn’t necessarily end once your short-term objectives have been met, such as improving range of movement or muscle activation.
To help you maintain maximum movement and deliver longer term benefits it’s important to continue rehabilitation such as taking regular exercise, stretching and strengthening activity.
Aquian offers a range of sevices to support you on this journey to help you feel better, for longer. We’ll always just be one phone call away.


During all of our visits, we’ll review your progress including pain & swelling management strategies, measure joint & muscle function, and observe gait and functional tasks.
We’ll support you to perform to the level of function that will ultimately give you the mobility needed for daily life.
Together, we’ll set achievable goals to progress your recovery at a pace that ensures you steadily improve.
Regardless of your condition, your safety and comfort are paramount, so you’ll have access to all the support we can offer.


On our first visit we’ll get an understanding of what you’ve been through, what you want to achieve and discuss what treatment might involve. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you have.
For those awaiting surgery, treatments will include any pre-operative sessions and most importantly a plan for the care you might need when you are discharged from hospital.