My experience of Aquian’s rehab physiotherapy has been excellent. I am due to have a total hip replacement and I saw Chrissie for my pre-op appointment. She really helped to talk me through what I could expect before my operation and put my mind at ease. I had a full hour’s session in the comfort of my own home and Chrissie really helped me to gain better mobility going into my operation which I feel is so important. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aquian

Viv Jones

I would highly recommend Aquian. I had a Total Knee Replacement and the physio I saw was wonderful. She assessed me before my operation and came out to see me at home the day after I was discharged from hospital. She was extremely knowledgeable, cheerful, kind and gave me exercises that were safe but challenged me. All the staff I have dealt with have been very helpful and efficient. Thank you.

Mrs Wilford

Expert orthopaedic physiotherapy tailored to the individual needs of the Patient . Punctual,sincere and dedicated

Grahame Chilton

Excellent knowledge and application. A full endorsement and recommendation.

Julin Mount

Aquian were recommended to me by the surgeon who carried out my knee replacement operation. I had a pre-op session with the lovely Helen and post-op I have been under Helen’s care for two months. I cannot recommend Aquian highly enough – the whole team are efficient, kind, professional and oh so lovely. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I am making an excellent recovery from surgery and this is in no small way thanks to Aquian.

Katie Cardona

After seeing an osteopath for 2 weeks of treatment on my painful knee and side hip I was worried my knee replacement was the problem. Hoping the pain would disappear, I left it for a few months, but it did not go. Stairs were still a problem. I decided to try Helen from “Aquian”. She assessed my problem and with some deep massage and miraculously solved the issue and reassured me my knee replacement is still perfect. I can highly recommend Aquian and am easily managing stairs again after many month of pain. Having treatment at home was so easy and Helen was amazing and I cannot say enough good thing about my experience today

Wendy Lloyd

I had vital help,assistance and guidance from Helen following my TKR. Her personal attention over a period of months was instrumental in my gaining confidence, both physically and mentally after what was a far more major operation than I initially anticipated and her knowledge was encyclopedic on every aspect of my questions on my road to recovery.


After having a total knee replacement at Parkside Hospital, followed by 7 days at The Clavadal, I had 4 sessions of physiotherapy at my home. These sessions proved to be invaluable as a follow-up, and I was shown further exercises to do not shown to me at the Clavadal. They were gentle and did not cause me any pain at all, but at the same time helped greatly with movement. Chrissie, the physiotherapist, was extremely kind and a really lovely person to show me the exercises. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to future clients, and in fact I will be asking for her when I have my other knee operated on later in the year.

Joanne Pearcey

My mum fell and broke her hip at the end of March. I was hoping to book her into The Clavadel for rehabilitation but they sadly had no availability. I therefore turned my attention to at-home physiotherapy and couldn’t believe my luck when a Google search offered up Aquian which is owned and operated by a team who all worked at The Clavadel previously. From start to finish, the experience with Aquian was 6 stars and I cannot thank our physio Steve enough for the physical and psychological support he provided to me and my mum. His gentle, positive and reassuring manner was just what we needed at a difficult time and we really looked forward to his visits. We felt confident that the amount of support was pitched perfectly for mum’s requirements, there was certainly no physio for the sake of it!! He gave mum the confidence to manage her recovery in exactly the right way and the result is that she is doing brilliantly 4 months in and is well on the way to an excellent level of recovery. Thank you Steve and the whole Aquian team for a truly exceptional experience


“From the first appointment Steve took time to listen and reassure my elderly mum and then explained everything clearly so that we could all understand. This has been key; Steve specialises in joint replacement pre and post op so is highly knowledgeable and an expert in his field. His professional and friendly approach has been perfect and instrumental in helping to speed up my mum’s recovery. I really don’t think she would be where she is today without Steve’s help and support. Each session starts with a review and catch up followed by hands on therapy (something you don’t always receive) and a rigorous but easy to manage exercise regime that has inspired my mum to work hard and reap the benefits. All this happening in the comfort of our own home really does make a difference. Steve goes above and beyond even writing a letter with an overview of his sessions for us to give to mum’s surgeon Since we have been working with Steve my mum is so much more positive about her recovery. We are delighted; therapy such as this does not come cheaply but it has been totally worth every penny spent. A huge thank you to Steve and the team at Aquian”

Heather Gardener

Had a knee replacement and needed physiotherapy while recuperating. The fact that Steve could come to my home and work with me was a great bonus and I certainly benefitted from his advice. After several visits I am now driving again and even cycling and am very grateful that I found Aquian to add to my list of really useful people.

Barbara Scott

Can certainly recommend this team, following my total knee replacement received physio at home from Steve Perry who specializes in knees. Am now well on the way to recovery having been given good advice on self-directed exercises.

Mrs Bristow

I cannot recommend these people too highly, without them I do not think I would be making the recovery I am from one failed operation and then a second one which left me hardly able to move, let alone walk. Now, six months later, with the very skilled help of Steve Perry from Aquain, I am progressing beyond expectations and walking better each day. I am so grateful to Aquain.

Anabel Farnell-Watson

Aquian was invaluable in both my pre and post knee replacement care. Honestly, I couldn’t have done without them. Both Steve and Chrissie came initially then just Chrissie who even started to help me get my overall fitness back. The treatment received was so helpful at such a vulnerable time, thank you

Diana Currey

Steve has treated me for the last 4 years beginning with a right total knee replacement then total right shoulder replacement followed by a left shoulder replacement. He is currently treating me after a left knee revision and frankly I don’t know what I would do without his expertise.  If you need your joints and muscles sorting give him a call, he comes highly recommended.

Jane Rule

I have been working with steve for 3 months to rehab a left hip replacement. He has worked with me from week 1, setting clear goals for each phase of recovery. He has managed my recovery expectations well and the hip is making good progress. I look forward to working with steve until I am back on the 5 aside pitch!

Tim Willis

“Having had a really bad 18 months resulting from initial poor surgery and then a second operation Steve Perry has been a lifesaver to me. I am so grateful for the way Steve is guiding me with such skill and kindness through a long and difficult recovery. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Steve and his experience is such that he is never flawed by unexpected challenges. Steve provides the kind of support and reassurance that is essential for anyone left to struggle alone with recovery after major surgery. I consider myself very lucky to have come into his care.”
“My experience of Aquian’s rehab physiotherapy after a full knee replacement has been exceptional. Helen, my physiotherapist with specialist skill and knowledge in post knee surgery, has guided me through the appropriate exercises. At every stage of the recovery process showing understanding of any of my concerns and yet at the same time ensuring excellent progress. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Helen again if I had to have my other knee replaced. Her expertise and sympathetic friendliness could not be bettered. Treatment within my own home at convenient times made the whole process so much easier. Many thanks”



Rehabilitation doesn’t necessarily end once your short-term objectives have been met, such as improving range of movement or muscle activation.
To help you maintain maximum movement and deliver longer term benefits it’s important to continue rehabilitation such as taking regular exercise, stretching and strengthening activity.
Aquian offers a range of sevices to support you on this journey to help you feel better, for longer. We’ll always just be one phone call away.


During all of our visits, we’ll review your progress including pain & swelling management strategies, measure joint & muscle function, and observe gait and functional tasks.
We’ll support you to perform to the level of function that will ultimately give you the mobility needed for daily life.
Together, we’ll set achievable goals to progress your recovery at a pace that ensures you steadily improve.
Regardless of your condition, your safety and comfort are paramount, so you’ll have access to all the support we can offer.


On our first visit we’ll get an understanding of what you’ve been through, what you want to achieve and discuss what treatment might involve. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you have.
For those awaiting surgery, treatments will include any pre-operative sessions and most importantly a plan for the care you might need when you are discharged from hospital.